Author Graham J. Darling: Fiction

Graham J. Darling writes stories of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, and singular hybrids thereof.


“A Pleasant Walk, a Pleasant Talk”— who are they what do they want with us? we bring you the breaking news (1300 words; available for reprint).

  • 2019-01 Pulp Literature magazine, Issue 21 (print, digital).

“The Tim Machine” — From A Christmas Carol to The Time Machine and back again—and beyond (4000 words; available for first publication).

Schiaparelli, 1888

“Jon Carver of Barzoon, You Misunderstood” — the strange culmination of a planetary romance (250 words; available for reprint).

  • “Immaterial Witness”—even the latest forensic technologies don’t always work the way we’d hope (3000 words; available for first publication).

    A Life of Fiction

    All systems go!

    Graham J. “GrayJay” Darling has long been a voracious consumer of speculative literature. The first novel he ever read was Alice in Wonderland: after learning that by heart, he went on to sip from entire fields of such flowers of the imagination. Eventually he was moved to share the wonder with like-minded fans in clubs, conventions, productions and games. He now writes as fiction what the world isn’t ready for as fact, in parallel to his activities as a scientist and as a medieval reenactor.

    • Interview by Joshua Pantalleresco for his Aurora-winning podcast show Just Joshing, May 2018, Episode 180 (Podomatic, iTunes, YouTube).
    • Interview by Christel Bodenbender for Reality Skimming, a blog hosted by Lynda Williams, January 2015.
    • Interview at VCON 39, a science fiction convention in Vancouver BC, October 2014.